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Our Partners, unique in the market, have collaborated on multiple digital transformation projects with the 3L team. Our collaboration model is based on shared use cases and adapts to all three layers

Additionally, our exploration team searches globally for the best SaaS solutions, which we start as 3L customers and evaluate their worth


Our technology is currently unique in the world. It is the first to use the model artifact-centric, in which the behavior of the process constantly adapts to the data situation, and allows decoupling from internal tasks

With multiple experiences in third-layer solutions, we are a single team in which we adapt to the time to performance of each project.



Usyncro has developed a SaaS platform using disruptive technology such as Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence that allows us to simplify, in a single registry for all actors, all documentary efforts in the international trade of goods.


It has been awarded for being the best “Tradetech Platform”, awarded by the Trade Finance Global (TFG) and BAFT (Bankers Association for Finance and Trade).

Backup Group

BackUp Group focuses on the development of approved vertical solutions for electronic billing, electronic file and electronic signature that allow compliance with current legislation with a very reduced impact on organizations.

MIG Wellhuman

It is our human resources consulting solutions partner that focuses on making people management, motivation, involvement, development and driving the organizational transformation process easy, practical and efficient.


Likewise, in addition to the transformation of people, it works together with 3L on digital transformation through its Talent Evolution solution.

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